I am one too strong to fight

Where would we walk? Where would we run? If we could stay all day in the sun? Just you and me, and I could be part of your world.

albus dumbledore + words of wisdom


#whoever wrote this line needs a fucking medal


I was talking about why Chef Gordon Ramsay was so angry all the time, and explained that he originally wanted to be a professional soccer player but suffered a really bad knee injury and couldn’t play anymore, so he poured himself into cooking and culinary arts to help with his anger issues, but his abusive alcoholic father disapproved of his cooking and died before ever tasting any of it and I realized that Gordon Ramsay has the most anime backstory ever.



I hate when black clothes are a slightly different black and don’t match

we joke but this is an actual thing

Okay, that’s not the point. Cass, what’s wrong?

Apple crumb ✌🍎🌿😍 #applepie #fall #foodie #cheflauren #familybonding

Apple crumb ✌🍎🌿😍 #applepie #fall #foodie #cheflauren #familybonding

🍎🌿🇺🇸🍏❤👑 #applepie #merica #fall #foodie #cheflauren

🍎🌿🇺🇸🍏❤👑 #applepie #merica #fall #foodie #cheflauren

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ghost puns are the BOO diggety 


ghost puns are the BOO diggety 



Steve Rogers did, in fact, realize that something was off when he saw the outline of the woman’s odd bra (a push-up bra, he would later learn), but being an officer and a gentleman, he said that it was the game that gave the future away.


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me: *throws shade*

mom: pick it up now

  • james potter: right, I'm a stag, peter, you're a rat and sirius
  • sirius black: a black dog
  • james potter: I know you've got your heart set on the black dog but
  • sirius black: a black dog
  • james potter: don't you think the fact a black dog is an omen of death might
  • sirius black: james, my name is LITERALLY 'dog black'
  • james potter: yeah, I know, but
  • sirius black: a black dog